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Stunning Weeping Willow Trees For Sale (Salix Babylonica)
No landscape, backyard pond or riverbank is complete without this incredibly beautiful and stunning tree! With it's soft drooping branches and amazing shade features.

The Willow is Great as a full sized tree by the Pond, Centre Place in your Lawn, in a Pot, a Bonsai Tree or even as a Mini Water Feature Indoors! The beautiful Weeping Willow Tree is perhaps the most distinctive willow tree species in the world. A super fast growing and spectacular shade tree. The leaves provide a good reserve of feed for stock when pastures are dry and hold watercourse banks firm, with plenty of housing for aquatic and bird life.  Now available for sale!

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Willow Trees are Bonsai Growers favourite tree!

Corona Supply Update: Everyone is in their gardens in 2021! There are still some delays with Australia Post into regional areas currently, but it's business as usual!  See delivery times

  • Preferred Climate (Cool Temperate)
  • Max Height (5-10 Metres)
  • Frost Resistant: (Yes)
  • Deciduous: (Yes - No leaves in Winter)
  • Water Requirements (Moderate to Wet)
  • Full Sun or Shade
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OPTIONS: Available for sale as Cutting, Bare Rooted or Potted.

ABOUT: The Beautiful Weeping Willow Tree can sometimes take some mixed publicity in places like SA along the Murray River, but only half the story is ever told and just like anything that grows, everything has its place and this tree makes an amazing feature in the backyard of a well planned garden or even an amazing bonsai. In fact Willow trees also add amazing water management for wet areas, holding creek banks and fish breeding / shelter. You won't believe how many finches love to live and play in a Willow Tree.

Just as some palms and fern trees can become weeds in places like SE Queensland, so could a Willow in a poorly chosen position. I
n places like South Australia, Palms / Willow Trees have little to no chance of becoming a problem in the dry climate unless planted in a permanent creek or wetlands basin. This tree does not send airborne spores into the world and must be planted. The spectacular Willow is a fast grower and will quickly add a magical element to your garden. So next time someone says "Willows are a bad thing" you can reply with "Do some research!" 

WATER REQUIREMENTS: People often ask "can you grow Willow Trees in a hot dry areas of Australia!?" Well ... we grow our Willows in the Australian Mallee! Our rainfall is under 16" (40cm) Per Year! 
Our summer heat waves are insane with many days over 35 degrees and no humidity! 

Providing they can access some water via driplines or naturally when needed, they do very well with plenty of full sunlight. It doesn't get much harsher than the Mallee and I can assure you when we sit under our Willow Trees over Summer, the neighbouring farms are green with envy! This year we had a very dry summer with almost no rain and 3 weeks in a row of near 40 degree days with not a drop of rain. Willow Trees are very good at telling you when they are thirsty, so providing you can give it a good drink when required, dry conditions should not provide any obstacle.

For the hot season ... We have small sprayers set up under the Willow Trees that spray up into the lower canopy and then drip back down onto their shallow roots. We don't use them often, but handy to have in a hot spell! Willows will tell you when they are thirsty fast with leaves turning yellow, getting smaller or falling off.

Needless to say, if you are in a wet area, no watering is required and they do a great job of mopping up damp ground.

They sure are! See which states allow Willow Trees! (See Link)

  • Wands 
    (Prepared Hardwood cuttings ready to plant - fast growing)
    (This is our recommendation for summer postage)
  • Bare Rooted
    (Bare Rooted Cuttings with sizable sprouts, ready to plant)
  • Potted
    (Potted willows, have been growing outdoors a minimum of 4 - 6 weeks)
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Willow trees take on an exact clone of their "actual" parent and at Rocky Gully Creek, we clone our stock or hand pick new healthy wild grown stock, to ensure great looking Willow Trees! All cuttings that have been cloned and planted and are pest treated, hormone boosted, plus organic root tablets to ensure good strong growth before being transplanted into a commercial mixture of soil / clay. This ensures our willows have a strong and solid start to their growing years ready to move to their new homes.

Our cuttings (As pictured right) feature strong nudes and bare roots, ready to be transplanted to a pot or your garden (These are easily mailed Australia Wide)

Willow Cutting-002
Willow Cutting-002

Willow Cutting-003
Willow Cutting-003

Willow Cutting-008
Willow Cutting-008

Willow Cutting-002
Willow Cutting-002



Enjoy a stunning Weeping Willow Trees in your home! Yes indoors! Add this pretty and interesting feature to your home decor and watch it grow in the window! 

Great in the kitchen or centre piece in your outdoor room. The beautiful Weeping Willow is perhaps the most distinctive willow tree species in the world. An easy to grow and delightful addition.


Indoor Willow Tree
Indoor Willow Tree

Indoor Willow Tree
Indoor Willow Tree

Indoor Willow Tree
Indoor Willow Tree

Indoor Willow Tree
Indoor Willow Tree



One of the most popular bonsai trees is the Weeping Willow. This tree is well-known for its lovely drooping branches and leaves. It is a favourite of most bonsai growers because aside from its lovely appearance, it looks dramatic in any kind of bonsai style.The tree is also fast-growing so you will be able to see results in a relatively short amount of time. The Willow originated in China but  thrives in most climates.  

Bonsai lovers also pick the Weeping Willow because of its changing appearance. The catkins start in lovely silver color and then turns cream as the tree matures.

Please Note: We do not sell Bonsai Trees! But we sell many Willow Tree Wands and Cutting to Bonsai Growers. Easy to grow and start your project!

Take a look at this article on How To Bonsai a Weeping Willow.

willow bonsai
willow bonsai

Willow Bonai 002
Willow Bonai 002

Willow Cutting-007
Willow Cutting-007

willow bonsai
willow bonsai

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Corona Supply Update: Everyone is in their gardens in 2021! There are still some delays with Australia Post into regional areas currently, but it's business as usual!  See delivery times



Which Australian States allow Weeping Willows (Salix Babylonica)?
Are Weeping Willows allowed to be sold?

South Australia (Yes!)

Three species of weeping willow are exempt from declaration

Salix babylonica, Salix × pendulina, Salix × sepulcralis

New South Wales (Yes!)
All species in the Salix genus are illegal. Except Salix babylonica (weeping willows ), Salix x calodendron (pussy willow) and Salix x reichardtii (sterile pussy willow)  See link (Bottom of page)

Queensland (Yes!)
Willows are a restricted invasive plant under the Biosecurity Act 2014. However, weeping willow Salix babylonica, and two hybrid species of pussy willow Salix x calodendron and Salix x reichardtii are permitted species.
See link (Bottom of page)

Victoria (Yes!)
Excluding weeping willow (Salix babylonica) and two species of hybrid pussy willow (Salix x calodendron and Salix x reichardtii). See Link

ACT (Yes!) Salix Babylonica are a permitted species. See Link

Western Australia & NT - Yes but cannot be posted cost effectively due to quarantine restrictions.
We will post to all states where legal.

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