When I first told my Father (an avid gardener) we were leaving our tropical rain forest property in SE Queensland, to return to SA and grow Willow Trees and create a Yucca Farm on a bare piece of Mallee Dust, he said "you have rocks in your head!" I mean why not swap 45" of rain a year for 15" on a limestone outcrop!

I must admit, there are plenty of times when I have questioned my own sanity, however the call of family was strong and I firmly believe anyone can create their own piece of paradise with a little dedication and time. And the rewards are high!

I was not a gardener, in fact I worked in television for 30 years, so there was nothing I liked less than getting my hands dirty! However, I have always loved water gardens and lots of trees.  So why not move into the Mallee and create a rain forest in under 5-10 years...!?


Given my age at the time (55) and budget (Bugger all), I knew we had to select plants and a design that would grow fast and not cost too much. But also had to bring my vision of paradise to life!

And so the Rocky Gully Creek Project begun...

We now supply plants and products to people that share our dream for their own piece of paradise and not
always in the easiest areas! Our plants are grown in conditions that make them tough and should perform well in anyone's yard or property.