Marina Hindmarsh Island, South Australia

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Goowla Barrage Photograph

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A stunning original panorama aerial photographic landscape of the Hindmarsh Island Marina with the Goolwa Barrages featuring in the rear of the image. Stunning colours of green in the middle of winter!


Rarely seen from this angle, a truly spectacular image of the Marina in Goolwa featuring real estate, boat moorings, a tavern and boat slipping.

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Amazing aerial pictures and images of the Mighty Murray River in South Australia. Stock photos of the River Murray Mouth for use in brochures or advertising.

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The mouth of the Murray River is located about 10 kilometres (6 miles) south east of Goolwa in South Australia and about 75 kilometres (47 mi) south south-east of the Adelaide city centre. The river mouth is an opening in the Coorong coastal dune system which separates the river system from the ocean and extends from near Goolwa.  The River Mouth divides the dune system into two peninsulas. The peninsula on the west side is Sir Richard Peninsula which terminates at the mouth with a point named Pullen Spit. The peninsula on the east side is Younghusband Peninsula which terminates at the mouth with a point known in some sources as Sleepy Hollow.


The Mighty Murray River is over 2000 kilometres long and the water flows throughout the mouth from two directions. Firstly, the flow from the west passes along a passage known as the Goolwa Channel which is bounded by Hindmarsh Island to its north side. Secondly, the flow from the east passes along a passage known as the Coorong Channel. The Coorong Channel itself is fed by the Mundoo Channel which passes between Hindmarsh Island and Mundoo Island to the north, and by the Tauwitchere Channel to the east.



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