Weeping Willow Tree  (Salix Babylonica)

The Stunning Weeping Willow Tree (Salix Babylonica) - (For Sale)
What landscape, pond or riverbank is not completed by this incredibly beautiful tree! With it's soft drooping branches and amazing shade features.

Great as a full sized tree by the pond, centre place in your lawn, in a pot or even as a bonsai tree. The beautiful Weeping willow is perhaps the most distinctive willow tree species. A super fast growing and spectacular shade tree. The leaves provide a good reserve of feed for stock when pastures are dry. Also very suitable to Bonsai!


  • Willow Wands:
    A very cost effective (and satisfying) way to grow Willow Trees! Simply put them in the ground, a pot or water and watch them grow! Comes with easy planting & care notes. These carefully picked hardwood cuttings have been pest / hormone  treated and pre-trimmed, offering an easy, reliable way to grow new willow trees! You can expect close to a 100% strike rate if the easy instructions are followed. Also good if mail delays are expected. 
    Status: No Delays on Willow Wands currently posted within (1 - 7 Days)
  • Bare Rooted:
    Ready to transplant to your garden or a pot, these stunning wand specimens arrive with developed bare roots and (usually) leaves and have been exposed to sunlight ready to grow.
    Status: No Delays on  Bare Rooted Plants, currently posted within (7 - 10  Days)
  • Potted Plants:
    Ready to plant! These potted willows have been raised in pots in semi shade / sun and ready for the garden. They should suffer little to no shock in transplanting.
    Status: Out of stock (Postage to slow currently)

Pricing includes Postage, Packaging, Handling & Insurance Australia Wide
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If your tree is not available at time of purchase, the order will be placed in a queue and your tree will be grown and supplied in date order (Normally 3 - 4 Weeks). Delays may be expexcted during periods of extremen heat. June  -  August can sometimes mean the end the growing season, dependant on weather and our green house availability. Plants will become dormant over winter and frosts may slow down delivery at times.  

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Weeping Willow Tree (Salix Babylonica)

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  • Guarantee: All Express Posted plants carry a 7 day replacement guarantee from the date of arrival or 14 days from the date of postage (Which ever comes first). To make a claim please send photos of stock upon opening your package on the day of arrival and show damage or status of plants.



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