Australia Post


This information is based on current Australia Post updates and client feedback.

We want your Willows to arrive happy and healthy and ready to grow! So sometimes despatch and postage can be affected by local weather & Australia Post arrival times. 

Slight delays can be expected if there are days of extreme heat in the 7 day forecast

Please note this fortnights shipment slightly delayed due to excessive heat.

Current Despatch:  


  • Wands & Cuttings: Despatch 5 - 10 Days (No delays)

  • Bare Rooted: Despatch 7 - 14 Days (Slight delay due to demand)

  • Potted:  Not Available: Due to slow postage times

Current Postage: 

  • Standard Mail: 3 - 7 Days City  / 5 - 10 Days Regional

  • Express Mail: 3 - 5 Days City  / 3 - 5 Days Regional

Standard Postage is normally a reliable way to receive your live plants packages. Slight Delays can be expected at times due to local weather events. Generally we will hold back postage during periods of heat (In SA). Postage can be quite unpredictable at this time, so your package may be subjected to heat or lengthy delays along the way. Traditionally postage goes by air, but of recent, much of it is by road slowing down the delivery.

We suggest EXPRESS postage for best results. Wands (cuttings) always travel better than bare rooted plants over summer.

For any enquiries, please contact us!