Parklands Undercover Storage & Parking Space For Caravans, Boats, RV's & Busses!
- Limestone Coast -

Caravan, Boat, Vehicle, Shipping Container, Self Storage Millicent


So why Millicent?
The question is more .. why not!? No matter if you live in beautiful Millicent, or nearby in Mount Gambier,  Beachport, Robe, Southend, the Coonawarra or Western Victoria. Millicent offers a cheaper, dry and perfectly positioned place to store your equipment within easy range of the whole Limestone Coast and situated right on the coast road to  the Eastern States or Great Ocean Road. Many of our clients are from Victoria with the Storage space being on the way to everywhere!

Millicent  has all the facilities of a large town, including Boat Servicing, Caravan Servicing and Sales, Car Yards and dealerships, Automatic Car Washes and 3 Supermarkets all within 5 mins of the storage yards. Mt Ga
mbier is only 30 Minutes down the track!  Safe, Secure Undercover Parking!



Actual Photos of the Parking Areas