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A stunning original panorama aerial photographic landscape of the stunning Noosa River.


200 Degrees of Vista! The photograph shows from the Noosa River Mouth, along the spit, past Noosa Sound and then right the way down Gympie Terrace. This is an amazing scene that no single camera or wide angled lens could capture.


There is also a 300 degree version of this image


I photographed this from a Helium Balloon (which took forever!), but am pretty happy with the final result.

It's almost 280 degrees of landscaped vista!


An amazing shot that will look great on any home, hotel or office wall.


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Amazing aerial pictures and images of Noosa  in Queensland.

Stock photos of the Noosa River for use in brochures or advertising.

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Noosa Heads is one of three major centres of the Noosa region on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is located approximately 136 kilometres (85 mi) north of Brisbane, the state's capital. It is located within the Shire of Noosa. The beach at Noosa Heads (Main beach) has remained a popular tourist attraction since the 1890s. The Shire's tourism exponentially grew shortly after the Second World War.


In the 1800s, Noosa's early wealth came from the timber and milling industries with tourism developing in the late 1920s. In this decade cafes and tourist accommodation was built along the beachfront with the famous Hastings Street. The town has been the site of many tussles between developers and those seeking to preserve the towns environmental significance. Since the seventies, people have continued to migrate from southern states to this little paradise.


In 1988, Noosa was renamed Noosa Heads. Noosa Heads hosts a population of koalas, which are often seen in and around Noosa National Park. 

Noosa Lions Park is an open, grassed area which used as a staging area for several large community events including the Noosa Triathlon, Noosa Food and Wine Festival, Noosa Winter Festival and Noosa Classic Car Show. To overcome severe beach erosion at Noosa's main beach a sand pumping system was built. It operates when necessary during off peak hours, supplying sand via a pipeline built underneath the boardwalk.


Noosa Heads' and its small bays around the headland are common surfing locations which are known on major world surfing circuits. One of its major surfing contests involves the Noosa Festival of Surfing. This festival attracts large numbers of longboarders. 



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